Tomorrow, we get down to the nitty gritty. Only the Elite 8 teams are left.  Here’s a look at the matchups.

Czech Republic vs. Portugal

Spain vs. France

Germany vs. Greece

England Vs.  Italy

The first matchup to be played is Czech Republic vs. Portugal, so let’s dive alittle deeper. The Czech Republic could not have gotten off to a worse start.  They received a 4-1 beatdown at the hands of the Might Russians, who of course became less mighty as the days moved on. The Czech’s dusted off the dirt and went on to win the group, as the Greek’s shocked the Russians. Meanwhile, Portugal easily looked the 2nd best team from the group of death. They outclassed the Dutch and the Danes, and earned their spot here in the Quarters.

How Czech Republic Can Win: This will come down to the two stars for the Czech’s.  Their goalkeeper Petr Cech, and their star striker Vaclav Pilar. He has notched a pair of goals in his first three games, and he will look to grab another, and the title of the breakout star of the cup.  Meanwhile, Cech has certianly brushed off the 4-1 embarrassment that was the opener, allowing just one goal in his next two outings. He will face a monster offense in Portugal, easily the best offense he’s faced yet. If he struggles, they have no chance.

How Portugal Can Win: You know that guy Cristiano Ronalodo. The one who couldn’t play on the big stage for his country. Well he proved all his critics right in their seconds game. In a surprising shootout with Denmark, Portugal amassed three goals, yet Ronaldo had no part in it. Rather, he missed a number of fairly easy shots, leaving us scratching our heads. But then, he exploded against the Netherlands, for two goals. His second, a world class finish, where he showed perfect patience, and demeanor, as he slid it in. I’m blabbering. He’s the key. The Czech’s will try to play a slow defensive game. I’ve found in soccer that often times, speed and aggression wins out.

Our Prediction: You can probably guess it from that lat line. I think this one is tied at halftime.  Probably 0-0. Maybe 1-1. And I see Portugal notch a 2nd goal in the 75th minute or so to win. Maybe get a garbage time goal. They outclass the Czech’s, and Ronaldo showed he can play on the big stage. Question is, can he repeat it? I think so. Portugal advances 2-1.

What do you think will happen? Let us know in the comments!