There was a ton of sports news over the weekend.  Webb Simpson came out of nowhere to claim the US Open of golf.  The Heat took a 2-1 game in the NBA Finals. And the Euro 2012 main bracket is starting to be filled. But you can here more about these later today in the week in review.

Today’s play of the day comes from the baseball diamond.  We go to the Minnesota Twins vs. Milwaukee Brewers.  In the top of the 8th, Jeff Manship delivers to the batter, who rockets a comebacker right back at him.  Manship almost makes an incredible backhanded catch, but it ricochets off his glove. The ball screams down the middle of the infield, before being scooped up by Brian Dozier, who starts an impressive double play.


Baseball fielders have gotten so good that a play like this happens nearly everyday. Just because it’s so often now doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be acknowledged once in a while. And if you are a Twins fan this year, there hasn’t been a ton to celebrate. They are in the cellar in the Al Central, and don’t look to be getting out of there anytime soon. So here’s to the little things Twins fans!

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