The reign of the Big 3 in Boston is over. Even though they are still all on the team, and they are still in the playoffs, the Celtics will only go as far as Rajon Rondo will take them.  He’s the best player on this team right now, and he was the reason they were even close in Game 2, and won Game 3. To put it into perspective, Rondo made three potential plays of the days last night, but I’m going with the incredible ball fake and lay up.  Rondo drives to the lane, pulls the fake pass that absolutely freezes D-Wade and Haslem in their tracks, and makes the easy layup. Check it out.


Ok seriously, why is Boston so eager to get rid of this guy?!?! He’s improving his scoring, dropping 44 in Game 2 and 21 last night. I’ve always thought that if he could improve his shooting and scoring, he’d be right in the discussion with Chris Paul and Deron Williams as the best PG’s in the biz. He’s getting close now. If the Celtics trade him in the off season, it would be a huge mistake. They will barely make the playoffs next year if they dump him, as they will also likely be losing Ray Allen, and hanging on to an aging Garnett and Pierce. KEEP RONDO BOSTON!!!

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