We’ve mainly been caught up in the excitement of the NBA playoffs, but we here at sportsinvasion realize that there’s other sports going on as well. Baseball is in full swing, and we like to show some love to the players on the diamonds as well. So let’s do something that you don’t see that often: let’s honor a Kansas City Royal. Earlier this week, Mitch Maier made quite an incredible catch against the Pittsburgh Pirates. It was the bottom of the 7th inning, and the Pirate batter popped one up to deep right field. It was destined for foul territory, but Maier would have none of it, making an incredible diving play for the catch. Check it out.


It looks like it will be another sub par year if you are a Royals fan. The team is just 25-34, eight games out of first, and there’s no real reason to think that they will be making any kind of run.  For now, KC fans will have to settle for plays like this until the Chiefs are back on the field.

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