Well well. Super Mario has struck again. Is there a more polarizing figure in soccer right now then Mario Balotelli? It seems like you either love him or you hate him, and for good reason too. One game, he can play like a clown and ruin your team’s chances with dumb decision, and the next, he can propel his team to huge upsets like yesterday. Few gave the Italians a chance against the high powered German squad, but Balotelli was having none of it.  He put together a masterpiece of a half, scoring two goals to lead his team to an incredible upset. Check them out here.


The second goal is my favorite. The timing on the pass and run is impeccable, and the strike is world class. Balotelli has the tendancy to get fancy when he has a breakaway against the goalie, but he wasn’t messing around here. Now Italy faces another juggernaut in the finals: Spain. They are looking to win their second Euro cup in a row, but more importantly, make history by become the first team to win three straight major national tournaments. Safe to say, it will take a similar effort from Balotelli for Italy to pull off another upset.

What did you think of Super Mario’s performance. Let us know in the comments!