Ok, you ready to see a dunk that will blow the likes of Blake Griffin, Kobe Bryant, and dare I say Vince Carter out of the water. Check this out. Justin Darlington, or “Jus Fly” as he is called on the courts, is one of the best dunkers that you’ve never heard of. The canadian is a track and field athlete first, as he’s one of the best high jumpers in the world. But he decided to put his ridiculous 42 inch vertical to use on the basketball court. At the Nike+ Slam Dunk Contest in Los Angeles last week, Darlington threw down a dunk unlike anyone has ever seen before. I’m sure you are bored about hearing it and want to see it. Here you go.


What’s more impressive: the concentration to pick the ball up on the cartwheel, or the fact that he goes from that, straight into a between the legs dunk. Probably the latter, but both are very impressive. I’m pretty sure that after that, And 1 will be on the phone looking to recruit the kid, if they are still doing that whole streetball tour thing. What an amazing dunk. Can he get a wild card entry into the NBA dunk contest next year? K thanks.

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