I know I know this was a few days ago, but I never got around to posting about it, so here it is. Here’s the fact: no hitters aren’t THAT rare anymore. They are still great accomplishments, but we have a few every year, unlike perfect games, which is truly a rare thing to see. Having said that, when you get your team’s first ever no hitter, that’s a big deal. Having said that, when that team is the New York Mets! That’s a ginormous deal. Johan Santana has played well for New York since arriving to the big apple, but this is no doubt the highlight of his career there. And to do it against St. Louis. Wow. Check out the final strike out here.


Big congrats to Johan Santana for this. And even bigger congrats to my friend and sportsinvasion writer Grant Tunkel, who was in attendance. Congrats on making history Santana.

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