James Harden is a monster. I mean seriously. Not only would this guy be a starter on virtually any other team in the NBA, he would be the star on half of them. The 22 year old(yes he’s only 22) former Arizona State Sun Devil is one of the biggest reasons that the Oklahoma City Thunder are one game away from the NBA Finals. Last night, with the Thunder up two with 30 seconds to go, they called on Harden, not Durant, and not Westbrook, to come up with a big shot. Harden had the taller Kawhi Leonard on him, and he was forced into a step back three. No big for Harden, who drains it…like a boss. Check it out.


Harden hit another big three in Game 4 when the Spurs were trying to mount a late comeback.  The kid is clutch. As is Kevin Durant. What a comeback by the Thunder. From 2-0 down to up 3-2. Having said ALL of this, this series if far from over. The Spurs won’t go quietly into the night on Game 6. And if the Spurs are able to pull off the win in OKC, is there anyone who thinks the Spurs won’t close it out in Game 7 at home. If you think this series is done, you’re sorely mistaken.

What are your thoughts on the series? And how much of a best is James Harden? Let us know in the comments!