Ready to see one of the sickest goals you will ever see? Combine the degree of difficulty, and the stage it was performed on, and this goal is legendary. England has just scored to tie it up with Sweden, and it looked like the Three Lions were destined for another disappointing tie. Then, enter Danny Welbeck. The relative unknown comes on the field, and delivers an amazing trick goal. Check it out. (The music may be annoying to some sorry).


Such touch. Such grace. Such beauty. What a goal. England held on for the big 3-2 win, and they now control their own destiny in the league. All they will need to do is win or draw against the host Ukraine. What’s best is that they will have the services of Wayne Rooney, who will be returning from a two game suspension. I expect big things from the English striker, and for the Brits to try for first in order to avoid a quarterfinals matchup with juggernaut Spain.

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