Yeah….the title is no joke. You are about to see something ridiculous. I always love watching games that we grew up playing being played at a “professional level”. Like competitive frisbee. That stuff is ridiculous.  Here’s another example. Everyone remembers playing kick ball growing up.  Well this comes from a national kickball tournament in Harrisburg, PA.  The game was in extra innings, and the runner was rounding to home, looking to avoid getting pegged by his opponent. When the ball is heading right for him, the runner showed off some incredible athleticism, and dodge the throw.


Dodge! Dip! Duck! Dive! Dodge! Ok that’s dodgeball, not kick ball. But it reminded me of that. What an impressive play. And also, kudos to the umpire for getting the call right. In slow mo, it does look like the runner touches home before the ball gets there. This gave the win to the New York Shower Hammers, who went on to win the tournament.

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