Ok. I’ve never been one to hate on officials constantly.  Sure, there are a few times where it boggles my mind that they miss calls, but overall, it’s one of the worst jobs to have in America. Think about it. When was the last time you heard the commentators go, “man this was a well officiated game”. Or have you ever heard a fan, in the heat of victory, go “amazing officiating there!”

No. All you hear is “what a terrible call.” “I want to kill this official!” You get the point. Now, last night was one of the rare times where I was hating on the officials. I’m referring to the final game tying shot that Kevin Durant took. The Thunder inbounded it to him quickly, and caught Lebron off guard. Problem is, I think they also caught the officials off guard. From the live view, I didn’t see much. However, when you look at the sideline angle, the angle where the officials were at, the call is obvious.

 Not A Foul?

I mean. There’s hardly a time where Lebron ISN’T fouling Durant. His arm is on him the whole time! And the ref is literally right there. He dropped the ball there. That got us thinking. What are some of the most epic ref mistakes in sports history. Well time to find out!

Whenever I think of missed calls, the first play that comes to mind is the 2002 NFC Wild Card Game.  The Giants were up huge on the road, before the 49ers made an epic 4th quarter comeback. They took the lead, but the Giants still had a chance to tie it up. The Giants botch the snap for the second time that game, and rather then throw the ball away to set up one more go at it, the holder scrambles and throws up a prayer. Check out what happens next.

2002 NFC Wild Card

Ok, I get the notion that you want the players to decide the game, and the refs might have swallowed their whistle. But, if that’s not pass interference, then I don’t know what is. Especially when some corners can hardly touch big name wide outs, you aren’t going to call this, when the Giant player is literally tackled out of the play!  For shame!

The next tow might top all of these, because you don’t need to be a ref to get these calls right. All you need is a pair of decent working eyes. The first clip comes from Toledo and Syracuse this past year. Syracuse scores a go ahead touchdown, and the PAT seems to go as normal.  Both teams jog off the field, but the officials take a second look at the kick. Well…you make the call.

Seriously how did they call this good?

On the wide angle, you can clearly see that the ball goes IN FRONT of the upright.  At this point, common sense would kick in, and the refs would declare it a miss right? Wrong. Toledo would go on to hit the game “tying” field goal, before losing in overtime.  This one still baffles me.

Lastly, we have umpire Tim Welke. A lot of people probablyt already know what I’m talking about, but in case you don’t, here we go. Earlier this year, when the Rockies were taking on the Dodgers, there was a routine ground ball. The runner was picked off at first, and everything looked normal. But watch the replay. No spoilers, just enjoy.

 No Words

nOk let me give the umpire the benefit of the doubt here.  From the angle he’s at, you can’t really see the 1st baseman’s foot.  But how do none of the other umpires see what happened. How does the home base umpire not clearly see how far off the bag he is, and over turn it. The fact that baseball is too thick headed to incorporate instant replay still baffles me. Imagine if this were late in a playoff game! Just ridiculous.

Hope you enjoyed our look back at the worst calls in officiating history! If we missed any, let us know in the comments!