Well when we all heard that the Staples Center would play host to a ridiculous 6 games in 4 days, we knew that a stop motion camera was going to be set up to make a viral video. And that video has been released! It showed how in 90 seconds, the Staples Center crew made 5 different changes. Amazingly, they were able to do so with no delays, and no injuries to speak of (Russell Westbrook slipped but wasn’t hurt). Without further edo, enjoy the madness.


STAPLES Center Crazy Court Conversion – Watch More Funny Videos
It’s kind of sad that LA teams only went 2-4 on the weekend, with both the Lakers and Kings grabbing a win. Now, with the elimination of both the Lakers and Clippers, the title hopes of Los Angeles are solely on the Kings, who advanced to the Stanley Cup finals with a win over the Coyotes in Game 5.  Do you think they will take the cup home? Let us know in the comments!