Last year, ESPN unveiled their “30 for 30” series, a collection of 30 documentaries  made in honor of the 30th anniversary of ESPN. The series was met with rave reviews from critics and fans alike, who loved virtually every story. A few of my favorites were “Run Ricky Run”, an inside look at the life of trouble NFL running back Ricky Williams, “Straight Outta LA”, a look at the influence Raiders culture had on South Central Los Angeles in the early 90’s, and my personal favorite, “June 17th, 1994”. This documentary found a way to seamlessly blend a full list of sports stories that were going on that day, from OJ Simpson’s car chase to the World Cup Final at the Rose Bowl, and somehow did it without a single interview or voiceover.

Since the ending of the series, ESPN has released a few more documentaries that were very similar to these, and today, they announced officially that they would be bringing back to highly acclaimed series for a second season if you will. Of the titles that they have already released, I’m most excited to see Broke, a documentary about how athletes poorly plan out how to spend their money. They will have any number of athletes to interview for that, whether its Terrell Owens, Antoine Walker, or the biggest spender of them all, Mike Tyson.  Run Ricky Run changed my view on Ricky Williams. I always thought he was a lazy pothead who was a waste of talent and didn’t appreciate the incredible talent that he had both been given and earned. While the movie didn’t change all of that, it provided a unique insight to his life that I would have never dreamed to have learned without the film.

What was your favorite 30 for 30 from last season? And what are you most excited for with this upcoming season? Let us know in the comments!