Most of the time here at sportsinvasion, we highlight professional sports with our plays of the day. But occasionally, we find a minor league, or high school play, that has to be seen, and Austin Wates of the Astros Double A Corpus Christi Hooks gives us that today. Over the weekend, Wates went viral for an unbelievable catch that you usually only see in movies. Wates and his teammate were chasing down a potential home run, when both players jumped over the fence. Somehow, Wates ended up with the ball. Check it out.


Now unless you are Torii Hunter, it is rare to see a major league player make this type of play, for the simple fact that MLB ballpark fences are much higher then minor league ones. Maybe MLB owners should consider lowering the back fences to make for more exciting plays like this? Could bring in more casual fans. Just saying.

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