Right now, is there anything more exciting in sports then the Miami Heat in the open floor? I mean, Dwyane Wade and Lebron James are arguably the best athletes in the game of basketball. Lebron definitely is, and Wade is certainly close. Last night, they showed once again how exciting they can be, with a play you would expect to see in an All Star game. The Heat got the steal, and it was pushed ahead to Wade, who made an incredible pass to Lebron for the easy bucket. Check it out.


Was there ever really a doubt that the Heat were gonna win this series? Maybe shortly after their loss in Game 3, but they pretty much dominated from there, cruising to an easy win. Now, they turn into 76ers fans, because they would much rather face Philadelphia then Boston, especially with Chris Bosh’s health still up in the air. They should be able to handle Philly, and if Bosh comes back, they can handle the Celtics. But without Bosh to contain Garnett, it will be tough.

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