It’s been a rather disappointing playoffs for the Knicks. They are a team that had the talent to contend with the Heat, but have just not been able to put anything together. They have really not contended in any of their games, and barring a miracle(either Amare’s hand or Linsanity’s knee magically recovering), the Knicks will be swept. Quick side note, I did say that Amare was going to be the key of the series. I wasn’t quite expecting him to slice his hand open, but it works regardless. Ok, enough Knicks bashing.

One positive that came from this series was JR Smith and an absolutely ridiculous dunk he had against the Heat in Game 3. He drove the sideline, and somehow managed to get all the way to the front of the rim, double pumped, and still put down a dunk that would have gotten a 45 at the dunk contest. Check it out.


There really is no reason why the Knicks are going to be swept by the Heat.  They just have so much talent. But for some reason, they just can’t put it together. Something has to change. I don’t know whether it means getting rid of Amare all together, or just finding a coach that can get these egos to work together(*cough* Phil Jackson *cough*), but something has to be done. This team is too talented to not win a single playoff game every year.

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