Josh Hamilton was already known as not only one of the best sluggers in the MLB, but one of the best players in all of baseball before yesterday. Now, he has simply added on to his already growing legacy, with a performance that we may never see again, hitting 4 home runs against the Baltimore Orioles yesterday.

The old adage is that records are made to be broken, and in the world of sports, this adage is very true. However, baseball is usually a different monster. It’s very hard to break records in the MLB, partly because of how long the game has been around, and how much it’s changed.  Now the four homeruns is an impressive feat no doubt, but it has been done before (Hamilton was the 16th player to do this). That list includes the likes of Mike Schmidt, L0u Gehrig, and  Willie Mays. However, Hamilton set an AL record by registered 18 bases yesterday. 18!!! That’s unheard of.  If a player can hit for 4 bases, that’s a good day. 18! Wow. That’s ridiculous. Check out his amazing game here.


Josh Hamilton is a great story. He was drafted in 1999, before a battle with drug addiction derailed his career. It wasn’t until 2007 that he came back to the MLB, and has had a storied career since, winning an MVP and two world series appearances.  This season, Hamilton looks to be better then ever, which is a site for sore eyes for everyone else in the MLB.

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