The Oakland Athletics got shutout yesterday by the Los Angeles Angels, and while their bats weren’t working, the A’s certainly flashed some good glove work. Cliff Pennington made a few great stops in the early innings, but Josh Donaldson takes the cake with this play. He starts by making an incredible diving play to prevent the ball from going into the infield. Not content with just robbing the batter of extra bases, Donaldson makes the long throw to first base, while sitting on the ground! Improbably, he’s able to get the out! Check it out below.


That’s one of the more impressive plays I’ve seen so far in the young season. The Oakland A’s are exactly .500 right now, 5 games behind the Texas Rangers out West. It certianly doesn’t appear as though their defense is the issue. They just need to find some more power at hte plate to drive in runs. Maybe they should rewatch Moneyball?

What did you think of the play? If you think there was a better one, let us know in the comments!