We are in the heart of the first round of the NBA playoffs, with a few series that are two games in. We have some splits so far, and one of them is Atlanta and Boston. We thought this series was going to be a tight one, and so far, it’s looking like it will be just that. Last night, the first quarter was winding down when Jeff Teague made one of the best defensive plays you will ever see from a guard. After missing on the steal on the other side of the court, Teague storms back to his man, and someone swats this shot into the stands. Check it out.


The elevation he gets on that is ridiculous. He literally flies to the ball.  Last night was a huge game for the Celtics. They were facing the threat of going down 0-2, and they didn’t have either of their starting guards. Rajon Rondo was suspended for bumping an official in game 1, and Ray Allen was still recovering from a bum ankle. So Paul Pierece did his usual thing, scoring 36 points, and leading his team to a much needed 87-80 win. Now the series goes back to Boston tied up 1-1. Should be an exciting one to keep an eye on!