The Los Angeles Kings are on an unprecedented run in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Kings have managed to go 10-1 so far, and what’s most impressive is that their opponents have been the top 3 seeds in the west! The team has won 9 road playoffs games in a row, and it looks like they won’t be stopping anytime soon! Last night, they dominated the Pheonix Coyotes on the road 4-0. helped out by three goals from Jeff Carter. Our play of the day honors Carter’s hat trick. You can see all his goals below.


This domination is not just impressive for hockey standards, but all of sports. The only team I can remember being this dominant in recent memory were 2001 Lakers, who went 16-1 in their playoffs. Here’s the thing though: you would expect that from a 1 seed like the Lakers were, but the Kings are an 8 seed! An 8?!?!? How are they doing this?

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