DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin are said to be the best of friends off the court.  And we think that Jordan has been taking notes on Griffin. After Griffin threw down countless sportscenter top plays, and sportsinvasion plays of the day, Jordan finally decided that it was his turn to get in on the act. Against the Grizzlies last night, Jordan ran a play that we are used to seeing Griffin and Chris Paul running together: the pick and roll. Well Jordan pulled it off, and he did it with style that would make his best buddy proud.


Two things I want to point out here. Look how far away from the basket Jordan is when he dunks it. That long, lanky frame of his definitely came in handy on that one. Second, it almost seems unfair that Tony Allen got called for a foul here. I get that he made body contact, but he just got destroyed by Jordan, and he was the one to get called on? I know its the right call, it’s just more funny then anything.