Well yesterday wrapped up what was arguably the craziest league season in European soccer history, and fittingly, it ended with an instant classic. Chelsea took on Bayern Munich for the Champions League trophy in a matchup very few expected given their opponents in the semi finals(Barcelona and Real Madrid). It was a defensive struggle until Bayern Munich surged ahead in the 83rd minute. However, it would only seem fitting that a last minute goal would tie things up, and even more fitting that it was Didier Drogba, a man who’s will go down as one of the greatest to ever play in the Premier league.

After thirty minutes of extra time, which included a missed penalty kick by Bayern Munich, we went to a penalty shootout. Chelsea fell behind early, but stormed back, setting up a picture perfect ending. Their fifth and final player stepped up, and as if there was any doubt, it was Drogba once again.  Drogba looked calm, cool, and collected, and wasted little time in putting the ball in the back of the net. You can catch the entire shootout below, in what is our play of the day.


Many believe that this will be the last game in a Chelsea uniform for the Ivory Coast striker. Drogba registered 156 goals in his 8 year career in Chelsea, none more bigger then his two yesterday.  Overall, he scored 226 goals in his English soccer career. The striker is 34 years old, and his future is uncertain. However, after yesterday’s performance, Drogba solidified his status as an all time great. Congrulations go out to Drogba, and the Chelsea squad, for completing one of the most unlikely Champions League runs in modern history.