With the New York Knicks facing yet another first round playoff sweep, their star Carmelo Anthony proved once again why he is considered one of the best pure scorers in the NBA. Of the Knicks 89 points, Melo scored nearly half of them, notching 41.  This kind of big game performance deserves some huge credit, so today’s play of the day is simply full highlights of Anthony’s big game. I especially love the pair of jumpshots that start at the 2:35 mark. Check it out.


It’s games like yesterday that leave you both impressed and confused by Anthony. He is unquestionably a star in the league, and yet, he has only made it out of the first round of the playoffs once in his career. The Knicks seemingly have the talent to be a conference finals team, but they still haven’t put it together. In all likelihood, the Knicks simply delayed the inevitable, as we figure their season ends in game 5 in Miami.  This leave me wondering what the Knicks will do next year. They have to do something, but it’s tough to see what htey can do. No one really wants Amare’s contract, so I think New York is stuck with him. Can someone say Phil Jackson maybe?

What do you guys think of Carmelo Anthony? And what is the future for the Knicks? Let us know in the comments!