The Philadelphia 76ers did the unlikely yesterday: push the vaunted Boston Celtics to a Game 7. Is this more so to do with the 76ers being a lot better then we thought, or has Boston been looking ahead to a matchup with the potentially Chris Bosh-less Miami Heat? I’m guessing its a combination of both. Andre Iguodala has made play of the day a few times this season, and I’ve made it no secret about how underrated I think he is. Last night, he threw down a monster dunk on Paul Pierce, that got the crowd, and his team, going midway through the 3rd quarter. Check it out.


Do I think the Sixers have a shot in game 7? Not really. I mean, it seems like the Celtics have been in control of the series the whole time, and when they want to, they can dominate the Sixers. My guess is that the first half will be close, but then Boston will slowly pull away, and win by double digits. I’d be pretty shocked if Philadelphia moved on, as Boston is the better team, and the only one in the East that can knock off the Heat.

Who do you think will win Game 7? Let us know in the comments!