What is it with young baseball players making unbelievable plays recently? First, we had an incredible fence clearing catch by Derrick Salberg last week. Now, we have a high schooler who made an equally impressive catch in an Ohio League Championship game. Joe Robie was on the mound for St. John’s Jesuit facing off against Fremont Ross.  He got the batter to pop up, but it was an odd angle for the catcher, who had to get around the base runner. What followed is one of the best catches you will see anywhere. Check it out.



Now I can’t figure out if the catcher, Corey Tipton, intentionally tipped it to him, or if that was an accident.  Regardless, you have to give him a ton of props as well for his athleticism and effort, but Robie’s play here is just unbelievable. The timing, the ability to make the grab, the athletics. Pure genius. Wow.

Which play was better: Robie’s or Salberg’s? Let us know in the comments!