I’ve always felt that the barehanded catch in baseball is one of the most under appreciated plays in sports. It takes alot of skill to be able to snag a ball as hard as a baseball coming at you very fast and very unpredictably. Yesterday, Diamondbacks 2nd baseman Aaron Hill did just that, pulling off an impressive barehanded snag, finishing the play with the throw to first. What I love about the play is his body control. You can tell when he makes the catch that the ball took an unexpected bounce, as he had to reach behind him to grab him. However, he made the snag, and the play. Check it out here.


The Diamondbacks would go on to win the game, upping their record to 18-22 on the season.  Meanwhile, the Royals drop to 15-23, and a ridiculous 4-16 at home. If you do the math, that means they are 11-7 on the road. Like that makes sense.

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