The sports world was rocked this morning with news that former San Diego Charger and USC alum Junior Seau was found dead in his home in Ocean Side. He died from a gun shot wound to the chest, and it is believed to have been a suicide. He was 43.

Seau first came on the scene in the late 80’s where he was a star linebacker at the University of Southern California, donning the now famous 55 linebacker jersey. He was drafted 5th overall in the 1990 NFL draft by San Diego, a team that he led to the Super Bowl in 1994. Seau had a brief stint with teh Miami Dolphins before retiring 2006. However, late came back, and made another super bowl with them, where they lost to the Giants.

Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamulu draws alot of comparsions to Seau, starting with the fact that both of them were Trojans. However, they both shared a killer instinct on the filed, with no regards to their bodies. In addition, Polamulu and Seau were both knows as two of the nicest players off the field, both rocking huge smiles all the time. That’s what makes this apparent suicide more head scratching.

On TV, there seemed to be no indication that Seau was in any kind of depressed state. He was widely known as one of the most charismatic athletes of our time. With a case like this, it’s hard to not assume the worst and think that the problems here were either brain damaged sustained over an extensive NFL career, or financial hardships that Seau was unable to manage after his playing career ended. Or worse, a combination of the two.


But for now, we must focus on the positive parts of Seau’s life. He will always be known as an incredible football player, with a killer instinct that was only matched by his kindness off the field. Whatever demons drove Seau to this untimely death are now gone, and hopefully, this legend and future hall of famer, has found peace. Seau leaves behind 3 kids and an ex-wife, all of whom he texted “I love you” to before he took his life.

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