The Fifa World Cup is the greatest sporting event in the world. Bigger then the Super Bowl. Bigger then the World Series. It’s all of those combined, for the entire world. I knew after the epicness that was the 2010 cup I had to pick a Premiership league fan. I had followed it casually, knew where Cristiano Rolando and Wayne Rooney were. So I picked a team. I picked an underdog. I pick a British team. I picked Mario Balotelli, and the boys in blue: Manchester City.

My loyalty to this team increased as they were winning, and I started to follow them more. I knew when their games were. I watched the 6-1 United Game. Can we talk about that? 6-1 against MANCHESTER UNITED. That’s big. When Balotelli scored the goal, and busted out the “why always me” I stood up and applauded. I was hooked.

My favorite goal of the season is against Chelsea, the future league champs. Carlos Tevez comes off the bench after a 6 month suspension, and gets the game winning pass to Nasri, who simply slides it by Petr Cech. I’m blabbering.

This is a video of all 93 goals they scored this year. It is 17 minutes long, but I assure you, it’s worth every minute. Take the time to enjoy, as they call it overseas, “the beautiful game”.