Over the weekend, Saturday Night Live wrapped up its unprecedented 36th season, with rock legend Mick Jagger as the host.  After the episode, NBC released a skit that didn’t make the final cut, but was featured in the dress rehearsal.  It featured Jay Pharoah, who is known for his impeccable impersonations of Denzel Washington, Will Smith, and Jay-Z amongst others.  This time around, he was performing as Stephen A Smith, the outspoken personality featured on ESPN’s first take. As per usual, Pharoah is absolutely on point, giving a great bit that anyone who has heard Smith talk would love. Check it out below.


I think the part with Chris Bosh is my favorite, but he also kills it on Mario Chalmers. I hope that Pharoah gets to do more next year. While he is mostly known for his impressions, he has shown promise in other skits this year. Given that he was discovered on youtube,  I think it just took him a while to get used to live performing. If he can do more stuff like this, he should be a solid cast member for years to come.

What do you think of his impersonation? And what’s your favorite Jay Pharoah character? Let us know in the comments!