Last night, Dwyane Wade had the worst playoff game of his NBA career.  It may have even been the worst game of his professional career. Wade went 2-13 from the field, scoring just 5 points, which was matched by his 5 turnovers. Wade was also scoreless in the first half.  During a time out in the 3rd quarter, Miami Heat coach Eric Spoelstra told Wade that he was, well sucking, and Wade too exception, getting up in his coach’s face in an intense moment. Check it out here.


Two things come to mind when I see this: 1. Wade has to be a better leader then this. Everyone on the team looks up to him, even Lebron James. You can’t have your super star bickering with your coach on the sidelines like this. And 2. The Heat players are losing respect for their coach, who is having trouble handling all the talent on the team. And honestly, this seems unfair to Spoelstra. The big thing is that he is too young to have really done anything in his coaching career, and he was basically thrown into a no win situation handling all these egos. There are only a few people in the world who can handle these guys: Phil Jackson comes to mind. As does Larry Brown. And a certain former coach in the Heat management: Pat Riley. If the Heat don’t win the title this year, I have to imagine Riley steps in to take over.

This got us thinking: what were some of the best player coach in game feuds of all time. Well think no more we have them for you here!

Remember Troy Smith? You may or may not, as he disappeared almost as quickly as he rose to fame. The quarterback stormed on the scene in 2006 when he won the Heisman, leading his Buckeyes to an undefeated record and a National Championship appearance. However, Ohio State got whooped by Florida, and then Smith’s draft stock plummeted. He was taken in the 5th round by the Baltimore Ravens, but didn’t see time on the field until he went to San Francisco, where him and hot headed coach Mike Singletary had a famous on field feud.


Not quite sure what his former teammate Ted Ginn Jr. is doing here with the towel, as it only made Smith more upset. Smith’s fall from grace culminated with him signing with the Omaha Nighthawks of the UFL.

Now here’s something you don’t see every day.  Normally, you would expect fights like this to either be player vs coach or player vs player. They are the young ones with the adrenaline pumping through them, and the coaches are supposed to be the mature ones who can keep a level head. However, in 1993, when Houston Oilers defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan didn’t like the calls of offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride, he let him know.  What follow was one of the most bizarre sideline scenes you will see.


Yeah, that’s a bit surprising.  What’s more confusing to me is that the Oilers were up 14-0! Was Ryan upset that they ONLY had a 14 point lead?! A bit of a head scratcher there. Lastly, we are ending along the same note where we began: with the stars of the Miami Heat.

Unless you lived under a rock the last five years, you would know that  Lebron James used to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers. You may or may not know that one of the main reason’s he left was because his good friend and teammate Delonte West was accused of sleeping with Lebron’s mom! You can’t make this stuff up.  In a playoff game against the Boston Celtics, Paul Pierce committed a hard wrap up foul on Lebron, and his mom, who was in attendance, took exception. Well Lebron took exception to her taking exception, and what followed was one of the most interesting mother son altercations caught on tape.


Yeah, he told his mom to “Sit her ass down”. Granted it was the heat of the moment, but that’s your mom. Come on man!

What are some of your favorite player coach confrontations? Let us know in the comments!