Now by the look of that header image, you can tell that Serge Ibaka is without doubt a confident man. He grew up in the Congo and is one of eighteen siblings. Obviously this guy is tough and not just confident. He’s 6’10” and one of the better shot blockers in the league. However on this night, all of the confidence in the world wasn’t going to help him in this instance. Not against the premiere posterizer in the league, Blake Griffin.

It started out the way all of these great dunks do, a simple dribble away from a pick by a point guard, suddenly an open lane, and then…well you know…this happens.

But how does something like this happen? How quickly can a man go from the confident soul you see in the header of this story to the victim of another one of Blake’s demoralizing slams? This quickly…

Maybe one day Blake will have a change of heart and just do a nice finger roll. That might even be kind of impressive actually. But until then, Serge, you get to join the club that so many (including your teammate Kendrick Perkins) have been unwillingly put in. As always, you Poster Children of Blake Griffin are in good company, and you’re all brave souls. Maybe one day someone will start a support group for you.