By now you’re used to how this works. Blake dunks on a guys, makes said guy questions his purpose on a basketball court. YouTube clips are made, and then bam! A Poster Child is born. Up until now it’s been Blake that has gone on a “Shawn Kemp-Like” poster child making rampage, but those that always dunk on others, are sometimes dunked on BY others too. Dante Cunningham got to fly some rarefied air yesterday when he got the best of Blake Griffin on this dunk.

How does that look frozen in time? Just as good as you think it might.

Cheer up Blake, let’s not forget lost among this article was the AMAZING comeback the Clips did from down 27 with 8 minutes to go. Dante got the best of you this time, but your team got the best of the Grizz in Game 1.