We really should just rename this column from Poster Children to Blake Griffin’s Poster Children. On this occasion, the valiant Spaniard and star for The Los Angeles Lakers twice bold went where really no man should ever go, and twice became the latest victim of the Mayor of Lob City, Blake Griffin. Rest assured Pau Gasol wasn’t as jovial on this night as he is in the photo above.

The first dunk isn’t really Pau’s fault. Was it a foul? It could have been. Maybe, but check the replay, Pau never attempts to box out Griffin, and he does come out of nowhere. It’s not Blake’s fault that he can almost completely jump over the seven footer from Spain. It’s unfortunate that these things happen sometimes, but it’s great because then we get shots like this:

Painful right? You can almost sense that Pau just wants to know why Blake is so damned mean. Blake wasn’t done though. Admittedly, this next one might very well have been a foul, but it wasn’t called that way, so we get what we get sometimes, and in this case what we get is a beautiful photo of a humiliating posterizing dunk.
The nightly recounts of what Blake Griffin continues to do on a nightly basis sound like the stories you hear of how you people describe Batman stopping crime. Luckily we’ve got cameras to capture the action, much to chagrin of the NBA’s Poster Children.