If you had brought up the name OJ Mayo seven years ago, the only thing anyone would have said would have been: future NBA superstar. He was the most highly touted high school player since Lebron James, and he was destined for stardom. Out of the blue, he chose to go to USC, where he had flashes of brilliance, but overall, a lackluster freshman year that was overshadowed by the likes of Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook over at that other school in LA. You can say the same about his NBA career, where with the Grizzles, he is at most their fourth best player. However, last night, he showed why he got all the hype, and reminded us that his young career is far from over. Check it out.


What I love about this play is that he does it all. He gets the steal off the best point guard in the league, then flat out runs him over, on his way to a coast to coast slam. The Clipper defender almost went for it, but decided that he didn’t want to be featured on Poster Child here at sportsinvasion. Pretty impressive stuff by Mayo, who is looking to be a big part for the Grizzles, as many feel they are once again the sleeper team in the West.

What do you guys think? Was that the best play of the night? Let us know in the comments!