Game 7. Is there anything better in sports? It’s pretty simple: win or go home. The Boston Bruins know a lot about this.  Last year, the Bruins won not one, not two, but three game 7’s to win the cup.  So when the Bruins forced another game 7 by winning in Washington over the weekend, almost everyone knew that they would closed it out at home. However, the Caps took the 1-0 lead, and were looking to hold on. However, the Bruins locked it up in the second, but despite having a power play to end the game, the Bruins weren’t able to close it out, sending the game to overtime. It took just a few minutes beforel Joe Ward became the unlikely hero, helping the Caps pull off one of the biggest first round upsets in NHL history. Check it out.


What an amazing finish. And what an amazing series. Somehow, the Caps beat the defending champions, with a third string goalie, and a struggling superstar. Can the Caps keep it up as the playoffs move on? Let us know what you think in the comments!