Jose Reyes was one of the most talked about young players in the major league for the past few years, and many saw him as the cornerstone of a bright future for the New York Mets, along with 3rd baseman David Wright. However, Reyes bolted from the Mets in the off-season, choosing to sign with the division rival Miami Marlins. Well Reyes made his return to Citi Field yesterday, and he was looking to show the Mets fans what they were missing. On his first at bat, he crushed a pitch that looked destined to be a home run, or at least a deep triple. However, outfielder Kirk Nieuwenhuis had other plans. Check it out. The catch takes place at the 40 second mark.


That may not look as great as so leaping catches we’ve seen in the past, but it’s still pretty impressive. And its early on in the season. We won’t see the climbing of the walls plays until later when the players are loosened up in the middle of the season. Regardless, props to Nieuwenhuis for taking away what could have been the start of an amazing return to his original home for Reyes.

What did you think of the play? And how do you think Reyes will fare in Miami? Let us know in the comments!