Ok you are about to see one of the most amazing sports videos ever made. I’m not exagerrating. Here’s the problem though. Its kind of tough to see. You have to have a good eye to catch it. Ok are you ready? Let’s go.

The Masters is just around the corner, and players are currently taking their practice rounds.  Most of the time, golfers are very serious about this, as they try to figure out every nook and cranny of this course.  However, Martin Kaymer decided to have a little fun with it yesterday. On the 16th hole, a par 3, he decided that he was going to try to skip the ball along the water. Yes, just like he would skip a stone on the lake, Kaymer was trying to do that with his shot. What followed is truly one of the most amazing things you will ever see. Watch closely.


I mean, anyone who is familiar with golf knows how hard it is to hit a hole-in-one. For those who aren’t, its about 12,500-1.  Now, throw in the water aspect of it, and this shot is like winning the Mega Millions lottery (I know I’m bitter too).  This is truly amazing, I just wonder how many takes it took.  Regardless, if you can appreciate the brillance of this, you know that this is a clip that comes around once in a lifetime.