It goes without saying that Lebron James is arguably the best athlete in the NBA. His combination of speed, power, and explosion to the rim is unmatched by anyone else. However, people often make the mistake of comparing him to Michael Jordan, which is unfair to Lebron. There games are very different. Ever since he entered the league, I told people that Lebron should be compared to Magic Johnson, not Jordan.  Well Lebron proved that last night, with a delicious dime to Udonis Haslem against the Raptors. Check it out.



You really have to watch this multiple times to appreciate it. This is literally a page out of Magic’s passing book.  That’s what Lebron does. He makes his whole team better.  That’s why the Heat can still get wins without Wade and Bosh.  If Lebron was out, the Heat would struggle more, as they would just leave it to Wade to bail them out.  Also, props to Haslem for the big finish.

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