Good afternoon readers. Man, we have a big night in the NBA tonight, withtwo incredible battles. First, we have a preview of what I think will be the NBA Finals: The Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder.  The other matchup is the battle of LA: The Lake Show vs Lob City. We have to take a deep look at these playoff preview matchups. Let’s start with Miami OKC.

The West leading Oklahoma City Thunder (40-13) travel to Miami to take on the Heat (38-14). This matchup is huge on a few levels. The Thunder are fighting for the #1 overall seed and home court advantage throughout the playoffs. The Thunder have an incredible home court advantage, and getting four games in a seven game series against the Heat would be huge. On the other side, the Heat are hot on the Bulls trail, as Chicago has lost two in a row without their leader Derrick Rose.  The Heat could gain valuable ground in their quest for home court of their own.

But let’s get down to the main story of the night: Lebron vs. Durantala.  These are the two leaders in the MVP race, and for good reasons. Lebron is having the best season of his star studded career, averaging 27 points, 8 boards, 6.5 assists, and 2 steals a game. No one has put up numbers close to that since Oscar Robertson. However, Durant has managed to capture the spotlight. Call it his clutch shots, his dominating scoring ability, or his talent in flag football.  Or its his 27.5 points a game, along with 8 boards, and contention for his three scoring title in a row. In this debate, I like Durant right now, but Lebron could leap frog him, especially if D Wade isn’t playing.

Oh yeah, there’s those other two guys too. Dwyane Wade and Russell Westbrook.  Westbrook has been on fire as of late. He’s been making cameos on our plays of the day, while Wade has been hobbled and is missing games. I can’t image Wade misses this game, but their goal is a title, not a big win in April. So he could also sit.

It’s simple for me. If D-Wade plays, I like the Heat. If he sits it out, I’m going with the Thunder. My gut tells me he gets up for this game, plays, and has a big night. Maybe outshines Lebron and Durant. Let’s go with Heat 98-93.

All year, I’ve like the Heat to win it all. In the last couple weeks, I’m on the Thunder band wagon. Tonight will show me if my brave choice paid off, or if I’m a fool for doubting that this is the Heat’s year.

What do you guys think? Thuder or Heat tonight? Also, Durant or Lebron for MVP? Let us know in the comments!