The second huge matchup of the night is a battle of the West Coast: The Lakers (34-20) and the Clippers (32-21). A series that the Lakers have dominated for years is getting closer every game, as the Clippers are using the combination of young talent and savvy veterans to get to the top of the West. Right now, the Lakers are a game and a half up on the Clippers, but that can and will change tonight. For me, whoever wins tonight is going to have the fans for the playoffs.

Its no secret that the Lakers are getting old. Last year, they showed that when Dallas demolished them in the playoffs. 4-0 sweep and games 2 and 4 were never in doubt.  It was utter domination.  This town needs winners to pull for. The Lakers have done plenty of that, but when Ramon Sessions is your big trade acquisition, you know you are in trouble. The Lakers aren’t out of the title race in the future. They can make some moves this summer for Dwight or Deron Williams, but for this season, they are no better then Western Conference Finalists.

Then you have the Clippers: the team that has taken the NBA world by storm. This team is the sportscenter top 10 on the court every night. You have the best point guard in the league, who is unappreciated because he makes the game look effortless.  You have the young kid, Blake Griffin. I mean, there’s no way people thought he would be this good right? He was just a dunker in college. He had no jump shot, and he was weak on the boards. Now he’s an NBA All Star starter, and well deserved as well. Pair that with young kids like Deandre Jordan and Nick Young, give them mentors in Chauncey Billups (they really miss him) Kenyon Martin, and Randy Foye, and you have the team of the future in LA.

But, the future doesn’t matter. What matters is tonight. The winner tonight gets the most fan support in June, and I like the Lakers. The Lakers are still too big for the Clippers, and Sessions can contain CP3. While I’m pulling for the underdog Clippers, my brain tells me Kobe says this is my town, and drops an easy 36 points. Lakers 104-95 tonight.

Who do you have tonight? Do you prefer Kobe or Griffin? Let us know!