Well I think this was a dream 1st round matchup for most causal fans of the NBA. On one side, you have the juggernaut Heat, who have been dominant all year, save for a late slide towards the end of the year. Lebrom James has put up MVP winning numbers, but he may lose it to a Durantala in Okalhoma City. Wade has been resting for the playoffs, and Bosh is looking to step back into the spotlight. On the other side, you have the Knicks, who have to talent to stay with the Heat. Melo is having a career year, Amare is healthy again, and there’s an outside shot we feel Linsanity one more time. Let’s dive in.

How the Knicks can Win: Two words: Amare Stoudemire. If the Knicks want to have a chance to win this series, Amare has to play out of his mind. Dwight Howard-esque. Look Carmelo Anthony is the unquestioned star of the team, but Lebron James is going to be able to slow him down. With him contained, the Knicks will have to look down low. When playing his best, Amare is both too strong for Chris Bosh and too fast for Joel Anthony. If Amare can average 28 and 13, the Knicks have a shot. If it’s more like 23 and 9, the Knicks are out of this series in 5 games.

How the Heat can Win: This is  a spot where once again I want to say: it’s simple, take care of business. And it is still true in this case, but the Knicks are good enough to beat the Heat if they simply go through the motions of the game. So who needs to be the star this time. Lebron? No. Just like Anthony on the other side, Lebron will be slowed by Anthony’s D. Has to be D-Wade here. Who is going to guard him for the Knicks? Landry Fields? Baron Davis? Don’t think so. Look for Wade to be the guy this time around.  He’s going to always have a batter matchup. I think Lebron gets lower triple double lines like 20, 11, and 8 and Wade is the one getting 30 each night. IF he can stay healthy.

Our Prediction: As much as I would love to make a case for the Knicks, I just can’t. The Knicks are still a year away from reaching their potential, allowing Melo, Amare, and Lin to get chemistry. This year, the Knicks will win a big one in Madison Sqaure Garden, but its still a short series. Heat in 5 if Amare plays iffy. Could go to 7 if Amare is on.