Welcome back to another installment of Friday fails! Today we are going to look at some clips that were off the field of play. The inspiration for this came from an interesting interview with Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy.  Van Gundy decides to tell the media that he knows that Dwight Howard, his star player, went to management to get him fired.  After going on for a couple minutes, the situation gets super awkward when the superman himself comes in, and gets cozy with his coach! Enough talking, take a look here.



Oh man my face hurts from wincing.  And really Van Gundy? You can be fired in two minutes, and you’d go home and have a good day?! That sure isn’t the best way to endear yourself to your team.  Howard tries to lessen the severity of the comment by calling out the reporters sources, but the damage was done. This got us thinking: what are some of the most awkward interviews in sports history. Here are just a few.

We start with Joe Namath on Monday football.  The Patriots were taking on the Jets when Suzy Kolbar found the Jets legend for an interview. Namath appeared to be quite intoxicated, and what followed is one of the most hair tingling awkward moments ever caught on camera.

 Joe Namath Drunk on Monday Night Football


You just wish you could climb into the TV and tell Joe to shut his mouth, as he keeps digging himself into a deeper hole. Now we move from something relatively harmless to a scary incident from the 90’s. Now Jim Rome has always been known to speak his mind and remind the crowd how incredible he is.  He had former NFL quarterback Jim Everett on the program, and the two of them had a bit of a past. Rome was known for calling Jim Chris Everett, the name of the former great woman’s tennis player. Essentially, he was calling Everett soft, and he took exception. By the end, a fight nearly broke out. Let’s take a look.


Jim Everett Tackles Jim Rome

I’m sure Jim Everett isn’t the first person who wanted to do that to Rome, so I bet there were more smiles then grimaces for this one. In this last one, we don’t actually hear any words, but it may be my favorite. Eli Manning is the consummate proffessional. He always takes the media’s questions, he says the right thing, he’s the anti diva.  However, the press conference after the Giants choked away a 21 point fourth quarter lead to the Eagles in 2010 was a little different. Check it out.


Eli Manning Just Wants Someone To Talk To


Pretty hilarious. Well that’s it for us today! What do you guys think of the Howard Van Gundy incident? Let us know!