Poster Child is a new feature here at Sports Invasion wherein we pay homage to those players who often get mocked. The victims of posterizing dunks. While it’s easy to mock these individuals we forget how admirable it is for these players to stare danger right in the face and put up their best effort and then, well they still get dunked on. But at least here at Sports Invasion we still love you guys.

Our very first poster child is one that will no doubt show up on this list again. Channing Frye went up against maybe the greatest dunker in the league, something he’s done before and this time he wisely pulls away at the last minute. Not before a well placed (what has be to be called a “Blake Griffin camera”) camera snaps a pretty great snapshot of Channing’s effort.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t show you the video of this spectacular dunk, and here it is, this one’s even got a bonus 2nd Griffin dunk: