For the first time in our daily installment of play of the day, we have a tie.  There were two amazing plays, and I couldn’t figure out which one I liked more. So I just chose to put both up.  Let’s start with a player who we’ve seen here before: Kobe Bryant.

It wasn’t too long ago that Bryant was here for his monster dunk on Chris Kaman, and now, he has the honor of being the first two time member of the play of the day club! Bryant and the Lakers were playing the Dallas Mavericks last night, and were up by 11 in the 3rd when Bryant pulled this trick out of his sleeve.



While almost being tackled by Jason Kidd, Bryant takes the alley oop from Gasol, and does well enough to even get the shot off at all. But in typical Kobe fashion, he does not disappoint, somehow getting it to go on an impressive three point play that led them to a 16 point victory, their first after losing two in a row.

Now anyone who hung out with me in the summer of 2010 knows that the World Cup is my favorite sporting event…easily. I love it more then the Super Bowl, the WSOP, all of it, because for three weeks once every four years, the world comes together for one magical sporting event. Having said that, my knowledge and dedication to premiership league soccer is admittedly lacking, but when two of the power teams meet up, I do my best to watch some of it.

That happened yesterday when juggernauts Manchester City and Chelsea squared off. It was a big game for both, and after a scoreless first half, Chelsea jumped out to the lead. At the 66th minute, Carlos Tevez came in for the first time since last September, after he refused to come on as a substitute in a loss to Bayern Munich in Germany. After Manchester City tied it up with a penalty kick, Tevez and Samir Nasri hooked up for a goal so brilliant that it perfectly captures why soccer(or football if you prefer) is referred to as “the beautiful game.” You can watch all three goals below, but the last one is our co-play of the day.


Mancehster City held on for a crucial 2-1 win, and as the summer draws near, we can expect to see several more amazing moments like this, as the titans of the soccer world will continue to collide.