Lionel Messi. Heard of him? He’s arguably the best athlete on the planet. Think about it. No sport is more watched in the world then soccer(or football as it’s called overseas), and Messi, at the tender age of 24, has already separated himself head and shouldars above the rest as the best on the planet. So when it came to breaking the record of most career goals for Barcelona, one of the top soccer programs in the world for years, you would expect nothing less from Messi then to break it with a hat trick performance. Check out all three goals below, with the second one being the record breaker.



Seriously though, that’s as world class as it gets. Anyone who is not a soccer fan is really missing out by not appreciating this kid. He has amassed 234 goals in 8 years with the program, or just under 30 goals a year. Pretty impressive for a guy who has been with the program for a third of his life, starting at the amazing age of 16. Here’s to many more years of amazing stuff from the man simply known, as Messi.