It’s not too often that you will find a play better then Quincy Acy’s in bounds alley oop from last night, but I got to show some love for an incredible play in the NHL last night. The New York Rangers were taking on the Buffalo Sabres when the Sabres had a breakaway for a sure goal Drew Safford got the puck for what should have been a goal so easy I could have scored it, but Henrik Lundqvist reminded everyone why this is professional hockey, making one of the best, and maybe luckiest, saves of the year. To get a true apprecaition of it, wait for the angle at the 20 second mark. Check it out.



I mean, the puck almost went in anyways, barely missing crossing the line, but Lundqvist still finds the denial  In the words of the inconic Marv Albert, “Kick save, and a beauty!”