What is it about the Manchester City defense that seems to allow brilliant goals? When Wayne Rooney produced this gem of a goal a few months ago, we assumed it was the slam dunk goal of the year. And it still very well may be. I mean, considering the rivalry between the two teams, the situation of it: its an all time classic. However, Peter Crouch certainly did his best to be in the discussion, producing a goal that can only be described by one word: ridiculous. (I apologize in advance for the poor quality. Most of the quality footage of the goal has been taken down.) Check it out.



What gets me about the goal is the passes. From the goal keeper to Crouch there were three passes. THREE. To  go from one side of the field to the other. And forget about the audacity that Crouch has to even attempt goal. How does he even think to try that? What a goal. Any other year that’s the best goal of the season. Not sure if he’s going to get that this year, but what an effort.