Well there was some big news this morning! Lets start with the suspension of Sean Payton. The New Orleans Saints coach has been suspended for the entire season without pay for allowing the “bounty” system of the defense.  For full disclosure before I get into this, I’m a big Saints fan. I went to high school in New Orleans, and the Saints have been a big part of my life for the past few years.

Ok let me start off by saying that having this bounty system is wrong.  There’s no getting around it.  You can motivate players to hit harder with words, but not with money. You can’t encourage players to hurt people. Having said that, when you look at the video of the “evidence” of the bounties, the one play that stands out is the Kurt Warner hit. That was shady. However, the Brett Favre hit is a joke. Favre has the nerve to say that “something felt different in that game.” Yeah, maybe thats because it was the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP!! Suck it up man.



Ok now having said all of that, let’s not forget something….this is FOOTBALL. Players on defense are paid to knock the shit out of the other team. They don’t need a $1,000 bounty to want to take out the quarterback. It’s what they are paid millions of dollars to do. Now, if there was a bounty system in basketball, where players are swinging for the head, or in baseball, where pitchers are paid to throw at batters, then yes, THAT deserves a suspension like this. But in football! That’s ridiculous.

Now again, I’m biased on this. Say the Falcons had a system like this, and they took out Drew Brees on a big hit that looked shady. If it came out that they had a bounty system, I would be furious.  But the fact of the matter is, for a punishment to be this harsh, in a game that is as physical as football, is alittle ridiculous to me.

Now, where do the Saints go from here? It’s been said before that Brees is the coach on the field, so he will have to do that and them some this year. It will be completely Brees’s team, but we can’t forget that he isn’t happy right now, and knowing that Payton won’t be around next year won’t make him any happier. Yes Saints fan, its not time to hit the panic button. Its time to mash it with a wack-a-mole hammer.

The other big news is Tim Tebow moving to the New York Jets. That makes things interesting. Think about the tornado of things that are coming now. You have Mark Sanchez, a fragile quarterback who is know for losing confidence fairly easily. You have Tim Tebow, who would be the ultimate backup quarterback that the city would be dying to see. And then you have the city of New York, who, let’s put it lightly, is passionate about their sports.

Now the general belief is that Tebow will be a package player, used for short yardage and goalline scenerios. But the Jets start the season off with New England, Miami, Buffalo, and Houston. What happens if they stumble out of the gate and go 1-3. You think there’s a chance that the Jets fans start chanting “Tebow, Tebow, Tebow!”?

I’m not the upper management of the Jets, but from what I can tell, with all the intangibles involved, this seems like a high risk low reward move for me. Just doesn’t make much sense to me.