Well I can’t lie. I’m alittle disappointed right now. I was still holding out hope that Peyton Manning would chose the Arizona Cardinals. I thought it would be a great fit. They have a young up and coming defense, led by stud corner Patrick Patterson. They have a decent running game, and oh yeah, there’s a guy named Larry Fitzgerald, who is so talented he still made the Pro Bowl with John Skelton as his quarterback. It would have been amazing to see those two future hall of famers together, but alas, he ends up in Denver. It appears as though Peyton’s desire to stay in the AFC to keep from competeing with his brother is as strong as we thought it would be.

So now he is in Denver. What does that mean for Peyton? Well, the division was fairly weak last year. I mean, the Broncos made the playoffs with Tim Tebow at the helm. The Chargers had a bad year, and its tough to say right now whether that was a blip in the radar or a sign of things to come for the squad that is know for having all the talent in the world but the inability to make it count in January. So that means that the Broncos are very capable of winning the divison with Manning. But can they win the AFC? I’m not convinced.

Its always said that a great quarterback can make average Wide Receivers better, and this is true. I can see Manning turning Demaryius Thomas into a pro bowl caliber receiver, but I don’t see much else there. Erin Decker is coming off a major knee injury, and also, Manning has always had a reliable tight end, and he doesn’t have that right now in Denver. I’m sure that John Elway is working on getting him that weapon right now.

But if you look at the rest of the AFC, I think the Broncos are at best the 5th best team in the AFC. You have to figure that the Patriots are the favorite at the moment, with the Steelers, Ravens, and Texans not close behind.  Not to mention all of the power in the NFC, with the Packers, Saints, 49ers, and oh yeah, the super bowl champs, the Giants, of course led by Peyton’s brother Eli.

So what will this move end up doing for Peyton? He could very well go out, have 3 great years, and maybe win a ridiculous 5th MVP. But can he win another ring in Denver? I don’t see it right now. There are just too many good teams in the NFL right now, and while Manning will get Denver 2-3 more wins a year, he can’t do it all himself. At least I don’t think. The last thing in the world I want to do is doubt a competitor like Peyton.

Last note here, what happens with Tim Tebow now? No way he stays in Denver I don’t think. My money is he goes to Jacksonville. Mark Schlereth made a great point on sportscenter this morning. Coaches and general managers will not want to trade for Tebow. The fact is, he’s not an NFL quarterback yet. He doesn’t have the skill sets that he needs. However, owners will trade for him, and they call the shots. Tebow will sell tickets. He’s a hot commodity right now. And no team needs to sell tickets more then Jacksonville, who’s attendance was laughable last year. If they trade for him, he will bring in money right off the bat. They won’t win their division, but he will be a cash cow, which at the moment, is what the Jaguars need.