Welcome back to Friday Fails here at Sports Invasion! We are going to mix it up this week and profile one particular player who I anticipate will be here very often: Javale McGee.  McGee was drafted into the NBA in 2008, and was recently traded to the Denver Nuggets. McGee made the top stories on sports center this week with a monster jam over Jose Calderon. But we aren’t here to marvel over McGee’s great plays. We are here to bring you some of his shortcomings, and unfortunatly for McGee, and fortunately for us, he has quite a few.

I recently saw this brilliant video of someone who compiled the top 8 dumb plays by Javale McGee. Forgive some of the technical mistakes of repeating numbers in the countdown. You will see why this dunk on Calderon reminded me of this video. Let’s just say he’s tried it before.



Well that is it for us! I hope this little video brought you guys alittle enjoyment going into your weekend!